Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Wake up call

The most surprising finding of the Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency latest survey about quality of democracy is the finding that former President Musharaf occupies fourth position in popularity after Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif and Raheel Sharif. The three Sharifs are holding constitutional positions. One heading the federal government, another the Punjab government and the last is the head of Pakistan Army. They all are embodiment of power and are looking after the responsibilities of the state. They are in a position to positively influence the public opinion through actions, policies and also through use of media. Pervez Musharaf on the other hand is facing at least four legal cases including one for high treason, has no organized party to back him and except some speeches through video link and a few TV interviews is completely immobilized. As he is in no position to influence anyone his attainment of fourth position may look dubious to some or due to some mistake in the survey to some other. PILDAT is a respectable organization and it does not look possible that it is all due to mistake. In the circumstances it is obvious that people still remember Musharaf's good deeds and have either forgotten the unconstitutional acts of his tenure or they judge a person more by their own standards irrespective of it being constitutional or not or what government or politicians have to say about that. It also shows that they are least bothered by the fact that Musharaf is being tried for high treason.
It is a wake-up call for politicians who make policies according to their own priorities instead of finding what the real needs of people are and then making policies accordingly. They may influence people for some time either through some political gimmick, using public money for enhancing  personal image or by pointing out opponent's weaknesses and misdeeds, but ultimately people will be judging them according to their own standards of good work and also remember them when they are no longer in power.

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