Sunday, July 21, 2013


NEW EQUAL WORLD: PET MANAGEMENT: Pet keeping may be a pastime for some people or hobby for some others, but Pet Management is much more than keeping pets at home and looki...


Pet keeping may be a pastime for some people or hobby for some others, but Pet Management is much more than keeping pets at home and looking after them. Only a liking for animals and birds or a desire to have pets is not enough. Pet Management involves a lot of management activities ranging from planning, selecting, monitoring to decision making. However, the basic and most important requirement for Pet Care is the love for the pet and ownership by the whole family. Even animals understand the language of love. A mechanical relationship can never give rise to a caring attitude. Animals and birds have a great sense of discerning attitudes and feelings and any indication of not being liked may create a feeling of not being wanted resulting in alienation. Pets own the family they are living with therefore, their sensitivities must be given importance. I still remember the day when my father expired and the way my pet dog Smart behaved. Smart did not eat anything for two days and remained quiet mostly sitting on the floor looking downward chin touching the floor between the two stretched front paws.
Taking love and ownership of pets for granted the following are some other factors which should be taken care of for Pet Care.

Monday, July 8, 2013

We should all be Idle No More


Catch this folks: that Indian rights movement, Idle No More? It’s not about deporting non-natives back to   wherever we came from.
 The indigenous are rising up because a greed-motivated, ignorant government broke laws and treaties to poison the air, water and land, and tried to force a fossil fuel pipeline across their land.
You are in the same position.
No one should be idle at this time. No one should sit at home silent as climate change sets temperature records, and worldwide species diversity diminishes. It is time for those of us who are immigrants to follow the example of our indigenous neighbors and get busy on behalf of equal rights, sustainability, and respect of the people by our government. Idle No More began with a First Nations tribe in Canada who faced some serious treaty violations done by the Canadian government, involving the Tars Sands Pipeline. This was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, and indigenous rights groups worldwide rose up in protest.
It is not just the indigenous that corporate powers disregard.
A government that disrespects one minority will disrespect them all. Environmentalists have long been scorned and ignored. The lower classes are continuously abused. Rural populaces have been ‘walked over’ by corporate and governmental powers for so long, we’ve grown disillusioned about that notion called democracy. In the U.S., the wealthy one percent show respect to only one minority group: themselves.