Sunday, August 18, 2013

One Out of Few

“One Out of Few”-by:Tasneen Hameed

Here is another blog entry that was submitted for my blog contest. After reading this, I must say it encouraged me in my faith that there is more good people doing amazing things for others out there. May this entry give you the same hope it gave me for humanity:). Enjoy!

One Out of Few
By:Tasneem Hameed

He would sleep on the concrete outside the clinic so that he was available to anyone who needed help anytime at night.
He is seen in his ambulance, collecting dead bodies, taking them to police station, if the bodies were not claimed then washing and burying them himself.
He or his people are the first people to reach the place whenever and wherever there is a terror act, accident or natural calamity.
He has donated all his organs so that even after death his organs continue his mission of serving humanity.
A board in front of his organization has the following wordings:
“Do not commit another sin: leave your baby in our care.”
Who is this person?