Friday, April 11, 2014

Ruining Rulers

 According to a news report ‘Millions go down the drain' Rupees 100 million  were spent by the Punjab Government  only  on the preparation of ceremony for breaking the world record for reciting the national anthem and the same was postponed for the second time. Earlier a lot of  money was spent on making preparations for holding Basant at Changa Manga that also was later cancelled. Billions of Rupees have been spent by the Governments of Sind and Punjab for holding Sind Festival and Punjab Youth Festival. We all know  that a large population of the country has suffered from terrorist attacks and are living in constant fear. My heart goes out to the families of the victims of terrorist attacks and how they would be taking the celebrations of these political festivals when they might be in a state of mourning. Bilawal Bhutto in particular and other politicians in general,  who daily express sympathies for the families of the victims are unable to empathize with them. Billawal's mother was a victim of terrorism how he would have felt if some sort celebrations were held under any name or pretext immediately after her killing.