Sunday, September 15, 2013


 A news item on August 23 has reported under the headline 'Not one appointed on merit' about the favoritism that took place in almost every appointment in Islamabad High Court causing a lot of disappointment. The fact that it was done under the nose of The Supreme Court of Pakistan that is not far away makes one wonder why it did not catch its attention. There had been countless appointments that have been annulled by the supreme court on the ground of illegality or irregularity in following the procedure and here we see appointments having made in a superior court in blatant disregard of law and procedure. In almost every grade appointments had been made on the sole criteria of favoritism and even people on deputation have been given higher grades than the one they were holding previously. Islamabad High Court is also unfortunate in having appointments at the judge's level that had been questioned by bars and even the appointment of its Chief Justice was accompanied by criticism as he was not the senior most judge as laid down in different judgments of the supreme court.
We hope that a suo moto action will be taken like it is frequently done in other similar cases. If charity could not start from home it at least must end at home. If it is not done it again will show double standards like in case of refusal of the supreme court in presenting audited accounts before the National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee. We are regularly told that no one is above the law and judgments have been given and implemented to prove it, let there be no exception.

Tasneem Hameed

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