Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Finding a job is the goal of a person who is either out of job or not satisfied with his / her present job. In the first case finding a job is very critical as the livelihood of the person may be dependent on the job. In the second case too, it is no less important because either the present job is under threat, not meeting the financial requirements or that job is hazardous or full of tension affecting the health or safety of the job seeker. It is also possible that lack of opportunities for growth in the present job is motivating him / her to look for a better job.
Job search is the only option available for the job seekers to find a job. In the earlier times the only source of finding a job were the personal relations, friends and the neighbors. The job seeker will approach them for help in finding a job. If the person so approached was in the knowledge of some jobs available he will intimate about the same to the job seeker. In other cases if the person approached was also working on some job, he will request the owner or boss to consider or help find a job for the job seeker. The above practice continued up to the time when the need for labour increased and finding people became an employer’s need. Job specialization also convinced the employers to find ways and means to hire the right person for the right job. Employers started with the Job Boards by exhibiting jobs available on the company’s notice boards so that all the people working in the company may know about the vacancies and convey it to their relatives , friends and neighbors. The system had similarities with the earlier one only the initiator changed from job seeker to employer. However, the employer soon realized that task was too big and the scope of the system too limited to meet the purpose. The next step of the employers was to use advertisement in newspaper and magazines regarding the availability of the jobs in their firms . This method continued for a long time and is still being used, but at the same time new ways were found to announce vacancies like employment agencies and professional magazines. The advent of internet has revolutionized the job search methods. Job sites have become one of the most effective means for job search. These sites help an employer finding the right person for the job and also provide advice and services both to employers and the job seekers.

The purpose of this article is to enumerate important job search tips for job seekers.
SELECTION OF JOBSITES - In the presence of thousands of job sites it is very important to select sites having proven record. Sites with comprehensive search engine for jobs will facilitate in finding career sites and job boards keeping in view the needs of job seekers.
SET UP EMAIL ALERTS - Some job sites provide facility of job alerts to the job seekers matching their profile. Whenever a matching job is available an alert is sent to the job seeker who can immediately apply for the same.
DEVELOP AN EFFECTIVE RESUME - Resume should reflect all the positive aspects of job seeker with respect to his knowledge, experience and experience which can facilitate employers in identifying his
Compatibility with the requirements of the job.
POST THE RESUME: Posting of resume on job boards and job sites will help employers in having a look and considering it for vacancies or future requirements.
WRITE A CUSTOMIZED COVER LETTER- A well-written cover letter that is customized to the company reflect job seeker's seriousness. Job seeker should also try to establish a match between his qualifications and experience and company’s needs.
DIRECT MAILS - Apply directly to organizations researched by calling or emailing and then follow up
JOB LISTINGS - Job listings, job banks, job sites, employment opportunities listed by location and career field can be used to help find a job.
ATTEND JOB FARE IN PERSON OR ONLINE - Job Fairs help in exposing the job seeker to different employers and may result in immediate hiring or becoming part of companies job data bank.
NETWORKING - Networking has always been a positive activity in building up one's image and stretching the outreach. It can be an important tool in job search.
READ WIDELY CIRCULATED NEWSPAPERS - Newspapers are still used by employers for job advertisement. It is always helpful to go through wide circulation newspapers for job search.
READ PROFESSIONAL MAGAZINES - Professional magazines help in enhancing professional knowledge and also provide an opportunity to get the latest news about different company's activities including new jobs.
POSITIVE ATTITUDE - Never become frustrated always keep a positive attitude during job search as it is a time and energy consuming exercise with no surety of immediate results. Don't feel dejected by rejections.

Tasneem Hameed

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