Tuesday, December 11, 2012




1.       I have broken away from my seclusion mode and entered the orbit of socializing.
2.       I am a man of ideas and these ideas are finding a place on the internet.
3.       I never say die and work enthusiastically until the job is done.
4.       I am a continuous learner and the more I know I come to know how little I know.
5.       I think while I walk daily and write it down after completing my walk.
6.      I have the habit of knowing about people who did something to make a difference in the life of people.
7.       I am creative since childhood and known for developing ideas in to reality.
8.      God always help me when I am in a bad situation.
9.       I have great persuasive skills and demonstrated it on many occasions.
.   .      I am always first to give and last to receive.

1.       I will ensure that my positivity quotes reach maximum number of people.
2.       I will use my energy to spread the message hope and optimism.
3.       I will use my pen to proliferate ideas about achieving peace.
4.       I will show people the way to a happy and joyous life.
5.       I will give people the confidence to stand up and be counted for protecting human values.
6.       I will strengthen the bond of love among the people of world.
7.       I will work for establishing a New Equal World.
8.       I will dedicate myself to provide succor to the down trodden.
9.       I will interact internationally to create a coalition of committed people for world unity.
1.     I will never deviate from the path of honesty and justice.

  .        Respecting everyone is an article of faith that I zealously guard. 
2.       Never to deviate from my values made   me what I am. 
3.       Empathy and equity always helped me in taking right decisions. 
4.       Serving humanity in any way and manner gives me immense strength. 
5.       Positive thinking and attitude have been my companion and never let me down. 
6.        Honesty and integrity being the fundamental guiding principles, always kept me secure. 
7.       Creativity and innovation being part of my personality brought me many successes. 
8.      Using the sixth sense at the right time always gave me the extra edge. 
9.       Presence of mind and common sense never failed me whenever I needed them. 
1.     Sense of humor being an important part of my repertoire brought me a lot laurels in addition to smiling and laughing faces. 

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