Tuesday, June 7, 2016


While on the one hand it was being revealed that government missed the economic growth target in the consecutive third year there was also a news that parliamentarians have submitted a motion in the national assembly to increase their salaries. Your editorial “Perks of power” rightly opposed it on valid grounds. I would like to suggest certain measures to make the working of parliament more transparent and improve its working so that others do not grudge salary increases of its members.

 Been a human resource management professional I think it is time to get help from corporate world. To start with job description of parliament members ought to be prepared so that members are aware of their responsibilities and functions. Generalities would not do. I believe a record of member’s attendance and participation in the house as well as committees and hours lost due to lack of quorum is kept in the two houses if not, it should be done. At the close of parliamentary year, a report should be published to bring the performance of the house and individual members to the notice of house and people who elected them. Speaker of the National Assembly and Chairman of the Senate being the custodians of the two houses must fix one day every year to discuss the report and if improvements are required in certain areas those must be highlighted and fixed as a goal for next year.

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