Sunday, September 20, 2015


To me Ch. Nisar Ali Khan Federal Interior Minister is one of few upright political leaders of the country, but his reaction to Imran Khan’s call for resignation of NADRA Chairman in the wake of decision of Election Tribunal in NA 122 and declaring that NADRA reports were true have left a bad taste in the mouth. It appears that he has neither read the Inquiry Commission Report nor the NA 122 decision of the Election Tribunal containing observations and strictures passed against the conduct of NADRA Chairman otherwise he would not have made the remarks.
The Inquiry Commission in its report while discussing NADRA’s report about non-verification of thumb impressions on the votes and NADRA Chairman’s opinion that those votes were valid gave the remarks that he(NADRA Chairman) cannot declare them to be valid as reports sought from NADRA by the Election Tribunal was only on the verification of the thumb impression and not on the validity of the votes cast.
Coming to the Election Tribunal while discussing the unsolicited supplementary report by NADRA it pointed out that NADRA was required to make a record based report and it was beyond its allotted sphere to make conjectures that the members of the polling staff might have written wrong numbers of CNIC on the counterfoils on the polling day. Election Tribunal is not supposed to attach any importance to conjectural/concessional theory of statistical expectation brought on report by Chairman NADRA through his supplementary report/explanatory note. Chairman NADRA did not know what happened on the polling day so he should not have theorized without any factual/legal basis that members of polling staff might have been written wrong CNIC numbers on the counterfoils.
I hope and expect that the honorable minister would take necessary action against NADRA Chairman in accordance with law to clear the name of his own ministry from the acts of his subordinate institution. It may also be mentioned here that there were widespread news that NADRA Chairman is friend of Mr.Ayaz Sadiq’s son when NADRA’S supplementary report was submitted and that the news was never contradicted.

Tasneem Hameed

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