Thursday, August 13, 2015

Inquiry Commission report

After  going through the Inquiry commission report I was really surprised to see that the commission has neither discussed the evidence produced by PPP and PML(Q) nor given its finding on their arguments. On page 164 the report says as under:
As only the following parties listed below either
produced witnesses, cross examined witnesses, exhibited
documents by way of evidence in support of their case and in some
cases provided closing briefs and oral submissions only their cases
will be considered:
PTI, PML (Q), PPP, BNP (A) and (M), JI, MQM (H), PML (N) MQM
and ECP
The report then goes on to COMMISSION'S DETERMINATION ON PARTICULAR ISSUES on page 165.
It  then it goes on to discuss the evidence of PTI , Baluchistan parties, JI, MQM(H), MQM , PML(N) and ECP, but did not discuss the evidence and arguments of PPP and PML(Q) and then goes on to page 203 for COMMISSIONS FINDINGS IN RESPECT OF EACH TOR 
What to make of it? Why PPP or PML(Q) are keeping quite? Been a lawyer myself I am completely confused because it is an illegality that vitiates the whole inquiry because PPP and PML(Q) evidence/arguments if considered might have changed the mind of the Inquiry Commission.

Tasneem Hameed

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