Thursday, June 26, 2014

More hiding than revealing

The findings of Inquiry Report Of Leakage Of Full Court Video Footage just released after taking five months appears to be an eyewash as it does not give answers to many important questions about the event of 11.12.2013. The first important question is about Ch. Abdul Hameed who is one of the main characters of the event, but no designation/position is mentioned against his name. The second question is why it took five months to complete the inquiry. The next important question is about the authority that approved the making of private arrangement of footage of the Full Court Reference and what are the rules and traditions of Supreme Court Of Pakistan in this regard. Another question that remained unanswered is about the relationship between Ch. Abdul Hameed who handed over the footage and the Geo reporter to whom it was given. It is surprising that, despite proven charges  a simple warning has been recommended for Ch. Abdul Hameed while the Geo reporter who boasted of his professionalism on 11.12.2013 for getting hold of the footage has gone scot- free. The inquiry was conducted by the additional registrar of the supreme court who, despite his legal knowledge has failed miserably to do the job judicially and objectively. The report appears to hide facts and people instead of bringing out the truth.The Chief Justice Of Pakistan is requested to reject the findings of the report and order re-inquiry by a judge of the Supreme Court Of Pakistan to bring out real facts

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