Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Last Rites Of Cricket

Many a careers have been destroyed by match fixing and spot fixing in Cricket. Cricketers have even gone to jail as a punishment. International Cricket Council has been very strict on the issue. But nobody could imagine that the biggest fixing of all was yet to come and that too from ICC, the ICC fixing. Just like match and spot fixing money is the main cause. We remember that until 1990s when England and Australia had two votes against one vote of other countries India lead the campaign for equality and rule had to change. Now same India is the driving force behind the Big Three proposal. What a change. After keeping it as a secret from other countries,  and playing behind the scene games the Big Three openly indulged in horse trading. What a combination, fixing and horse trading. Money is overtaking gentleman's game and this surely is not Cricket. Is there any one or any institution that could save the noble game of Cricket.

Tasneem Hameed

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