Monday, December 9, 2013

The Great Human Server

Everything created by God has a purpose to fulfill for human benefit. God wanted to provide humans best possible environment and conditions so that they could live their lives in the best possible manner. While some creations required intelligence and work to be unraveled, some others were very apparent to be made use of. One such creation that stands out due to its impact and advantages is a tree. Immediately after it converts in to tree from a plant it starts serving the humans.

 Starting from providing shade from sun and rain, providing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, making environment healthy as well beautiful, its life remains dedicated to human service.  It helps in water, preventing soil erosion and water pollution as well as providing fruit not only as a food, but also a means of livelihood. It provides abode to birds and help in developing wildlife. In short during all its long life it remains an epitome of human service. But, its service does not end here. If it is cut down and converted in to furniture it provides business opportunities to one segment of humans, and comfort to another other segment. Lastly even if it is made to die and burnt, it produces heat and light before disappearing from the world scene.

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