Monday, November 5, 2012

Learning From Birds

As the birds flew high
I couldn’t restrain my sigh
All were together and free
They could fly, sit on a tree
They could do as they like
Without fear of a strike
From birds of their own kind
Who may seem to mind
When some can fly higher
Why then they fly together?
 They are white, black and brown
Why no ill will, anger or frown?
Some are stronger some are weak
Why there is no hide and seek?

They are from different places
And also from different races
Why they trust one another?
Why they all fly together?
Some others could easily think
There must be some hidden link
In their unity to gain power
That’s why they all fly together.
Some other might in their rage
Wish them to be in the cage
Hoping for humans to come
And get hold of at least some
But, this never happened ever
And birds continue fly together
Why cannot we learn the lesson
And become one united nation
Forget who is strong who is weak
What to get and what to seek
Get the habit of always giving
Be first to give, last for receiving
Forget our prejudices and pride
And go for a very long stride
A NEW Equal World our destiny
Founded on humanity and unity

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