Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Let There Be Light

If your life is precious than mine
Then it is a very dangerous sign
You have the big power, fine
You may kill for one person, nine

 This is not what humanity is about
You must never ever have any doubt
It is not how the wars will ever end
It is not how World Peace is sought

Power can change the lives of states
And the leader decides people’s fates
The use of power is what that counts
Be it a Hitler, Mandela, Lehmans or Gates

 Injustice generates terror and violence
No rocket science, but pure common sense
How long humanity will bear the suffering
How long more could it stay at the fence

 If earth is to be a peaceful abode
Everyone, everywhere must be on board
Humanity, Honesty and Equality must guide
Unity and Equity to take us on the road

Let there be light, let there be light
If we wish to have peace soon in sight
People of the world unite and declare
Peace is our Fundamental Human Right

By: Tasneem Hameed

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