Friday, July 13, 2012

I Mourn Today


Racquel Cruz
Artist's Square

I mourn today for those who seek a better life
Turmoiled by disappointment, struggle, and strife
And their breath passes as a molecule in the wind
Thrown, disposed of, and full of "this" world's sins
Kings and Queens - all great women and men
Only stand in great posture because others bend
It is for this reason the greater stumbles
And those who bend learn to stay humble

Fighting many battles but mostly humanity
They live for selflessness and others' needs
And this pain today is not pity I sorrow
It is for strength of others I may have borrowed
To get to where I am standing today
So if somehow I've hurt you I pray
You forgive me and know my intentions

For they honor what most people fail to mention

Thankfulness, love, and hope because of you

For I do not know all you have been through


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