Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Peace; What, How And When

BY: Tasneem Hameed

What is peace? He asked the question

And started waiting for my reaction

He was a boy in his late teens

In his dark green shirt and jeans

Wanting to give an objective reply

I ordered my thoughts to apply

Does peace mean absence of war?

When guns are silent near and far

Or it comes when the war ends

Messages of peace everyone sends

Is it the period between two wars?

As the war has no law of time bars

Inside the UN’s imposing chambers

In many a meetings of its members

Peace is the topic every now and then

But, not, how, who, what and when

Neither the big talk nor the Peace Prize

Had helped the fallen peace to rise

I was consumed in my thoughts

Bringing about a lot of doubts

Suddenly, the boy had this to say

“No problem sir, some other day

It does relate to equality and equity

Caring, sharing, believing in empathy

If we Love and care for one another

And share agony, prosperity together

A lot of goodwill will be generated

A new equal world will be created

Ruled by Equality, Equity and Empathy”

His voice was full of vigor and sincerity

“The need for war will cease to exist

Peace will have no one to resist”

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