Thursday, October 24, 2013

Global Oneness Day

With thanks to Humanitysteam
Today is Global Oneness Day. Let us see How it began.

The creation of Global Oneness day began as a simple petition drive by Humanity’s Team in 2008. Members of Humanity’s Team created a Oneness petition with the goal of obtaining 50,000 signatures that could be delivered to the United Nations (U.N.) with a request that the U.N. support the focus on awakening Oneness.  By the time Humanity’s Team approached the U.N. in May, 2010, over 52,000 signatures had been obtained from more than 150 countries.   
When members of the Global Council for Humanity’s Team met with the U.N., the signatures, the Oneness petition and supporting material were presented.  The U.N. was invited to take the Oneness petition up as a discussion.  In addition, Humanity’s Team requested that the U.N. create a Global Oneness Day that could be celebrated around the world. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Crowdsourcing And HR

To get the job done being the basic function of management, it remains its constant endeavor to find better ways to accomplish the same. From daily wages to  temporary to permanent workers followed by contractual workers employers continued to explore better ways to get the job done efficiently and effectively.  Not so long ago, outsourcing became the buzzword. It was found economically beneficial to outsource different functions of the organization to external specialized agencies. The trend continued and now crowdsourcing has entered the arena. James Surowiecki and Jeff Howe are the two people who discussed and introduced the term crowdsourcing. James Surowiecki in his book “The Wisdom of Crowds” discussed it,  and  Jeff Howe in 2006 introduced crowdsourcing as a method of sourcing people who are willing to help or work on a project. While outsourcing stipulated outsourcing of work to specialized external agencies, crowdsourcing has opened the door for specialized people the world over to give their services to carry out functions, jobs and tasks. The whole process from soliciting help, to offer from interested people, negotiation between the parties, finalization of contract and payment after successful completion of the contract takes place online. oDesk. Kickstarter,  MinuteWorkers, Innocentive, CloudCrowd and Elance are some of the important websites engaged in providing crowdsourcing services to the interested parties.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Travel Tips

The very thought of traveling evokes a mixed feeling of curiosity, exuberance and anxiety. What kind of place it is going to be? How much fun and enjoyment we are going to have? What difficulties lie in store? All these questions come up for consideration immediately after hearing about traveling. Is it possible that the anxiety part is eliminated to make the whole concept of traveling a positive exercise. Perhaps not 100% but to a great extent through a proper planning process . The nature of traveling might vary from family travel to business travel but , the basic requirements mostly remain the same. 

Following are the basic components of any kind of travel for each of which a decision has to be made
Travel budget
Place(s) to travel
Dates of travel
Number of people involved in the travel
Mode of travel
Nature of accommodation
The purpose of this article is not to provide help in making decisions with respect to the above but to provide hints for successful implementation of the decisions made in some of the areas.