Thursday, August 30, 2012

Job Interview; Types And Forms

Job Interview is generally defined as a conversation between an employer and a job candidate, where the employer evaluates a candidate for prospective employment in the organization. The purpose of job interview is eliciting information. If on the one hand the interviewer wants to know about the candidate in great detail including the intangibles like his qualities, potential, attitude and teamwork, the candidate wants to know the financial health, working environment and plans of the employer besides what he will be getting in terms of compensation. The employer uses the information elicited to decide whether to offer job to the candidate, while the candidate uses the elicited information to decide whether to accept the offer, if made.

There are many types/ forms and styles of job interview. Although the purpose of all these remain the same, they offer different methods, and format for achieving the same goal. The type/ form of an interview may depend upon the organization’s policies and rules, nature of knowledge and skills required for the job or the position for which the interview is to be conducted.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

If Only Every Man Could

Racquel, Founder
Artist's Square


If only every man could
Memorize the stars, as they do their own cars
They would make a woman happy
If only every man could
Take the time to cry, when they see sad eyes
They would make a woman happy
If only every man could
Piece together a woman’s heart, as they do their car parts
They would make a woman happy

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Token of Life (A poem)

          Poems by Samima


                                                               When life gives a token to retrospect
Smile for good & learn from bad days
Permeate through past, let never invade
It’s the memory lane not cliches.
Man is nature’s best marvel,
Unique in his own state
Deals with adventures in life
And survives its monotony, when overplayed.
Wisdom is to keep on running
No matter how long or what it takes
The destination is already set
But paramount is the joy one makes.